Being a Research Engineer at Wikimedia, part 1

Before officially joining the Wikimedia Foundation, I worked as a research engineer contractor on the research team for about a year. In the foundation, in addition to permanent staff, temporary contractors are recruited by different teams to collaborate on specific projects. The length of the contract depends on the project you work on. In my case, I first got a five-month contract, and then another one-year contract. Where does the foundation find a suitable contractor? Open source internship programs like GSoC and Outreachy are good sources of talent. Recently, more and more former Outreachy interns have become contractors in the foundation.

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Outreachy 實習計畫介紹

一直想推廣 Outreachy,這個和 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 很類似,但知名度卻遠遠不及的實習計畫。

Outreachy 是一個非常好的機會,如果你沒有任何實習或 side project,或者你想轉職軟體工程師,又或者你想嘗試全遠端工作,但沒有相關經驗,Outreachy 可以讓你一次獲得「實習」、「遠端工作」、「貢獻開源社群」的經驗 ‼️

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Wrapping Everything Up

My Outreachy internship has come to the end! I really appreciate this life-changing experience. Looking back now, when applying to Outreachy, I just want a breather space from my research thesis. I had been working on my thesis for quite a long time and got less and less motivated. I realized I should do something. Luckily, I got this Outreachy internship and it turned out to be so much more than I expected!

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