Outreachy Internship – Submitting to the Wiki Workshop 2020!

Time flies! It has been the last week of the Outreachy internship :/

Recently I’ve learnt something about:

  • Python unittest framework to perform unit tests for small components in an application.
  • multiprocessing.Pool to achieve data parallelism.
  • multiprocessing.Manager to distribute the execution of a TensorFlow model prediction across processes.

Both the concepts of unit test and multiprocessing aren’t new to me, which was taught more or less at school. However, this time I learned how the code is written in Python and how to solve some issues that you would face in practice in a production-ready code. It’s a really good learning experience.

Besides, I feel I’m becoming more and more familiar with Git when I’ve had the PRs in the repository merged one by one over the past few weeks. 😀

One of the most cheerful things is I just submitted a paper of my internship project to the Wiki Workshop 2020

Wiki Workshop is a forum bringing together researchers exploring all aspects of Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other Wikimedia projects.

Wiki Workshop has entered its 7th this year. Every year, Wiki Workshop is held in conjunction with The Web Conference (formerly known as WWW conference), a yearly international conference on the topic of the World Wide Web, which was held in Lyon, France in 2018 and San Francisco, USA in 2019. This year the conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan (in my country!) in April 2020.

Working with my mentors to complete a paper submission is a wonderful experience. To be honest, I’m not very good at writing, especially writing in English. Writing a blog post always takes me a lot of time, not to mention academic writing.

But this time under the guidance of my mentors, the paper had a clear structure and summary overview in each section, I just wrote down what I’ve done and what I’ve learned. Also, a key point is I have a lot of materials help me writing such as

  • meeting notes during the project sync every week,
  • comments on the GitHub where I discussed code with my mentors,
  • communication records on the group chat with my mentors.

These materials detail the difficulties I encountered in achieving the project goal, the feasible solutions and logic and at the end how I solved them. With these materials, writing seems not to be hard like before.

I’m so happy to finish a paper submission through collaborating with my mentors! Looking forward to the The Web Conference 2020 in April and meeting folks in the Wikimedia community from over the world. How exciting! ❤

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