Outreachy 實習心得 (@維基媒體)

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My experience applying to Outreachy

Wrapping Everything Up

My Outreachy internship has come to the end! I really appreciate this life-changing experience. Looking back now, when applying to Outreachy, I just want a breather space from my research thesis. I had been working on my thesis for quite a long time and got less and less motivated. I realized I should do something. […]

Submitting to the Wiki Workshop 2020!

Time flies! It has been the last week of the Outreachy internship One of the most cheerful things is I just submitted a paper of my internship project to the Wiki Workshop 2020 ⭐ Wiki Workshop is a forum bringing together researchers exploring all aspects of Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other Wikimedia projects.

Progress and Reflection

In the previous post, I mentioned there are two goals in my internship project. One is to deliver a database of the Wikipedia sentences detected by the “Citation Needed” machine learning model. Another goal is to integrate into the web application “Citation Hunt” for browsing the Wikipedia snippets without a reliable source.

Wikimedia Community and Project

In this blog post, I would like to explain what I am doing for the internship in Wikimedia. If you are a free software contributor or newcomer wants to learn more about Wikimedia, or you are an Outreachy applicant thinking about applying to Wikimedia, it is the right place. 🙂

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